How To Join Us

Real Life

Black Dream Escape offers monthly communal lullaby sessions at BlackSpace for public attendance. The live sessions include original lullabies, online guided meditations, paying touch debt, and a twenty minute stillness exercise. Our sessions are available to all, free to Black And Indigenous folks, and we require a $10 reparation fee for anyone who does not identify as Black or Indigenous.

Social Media

Our online programming provides rest guidance to you at anywhere and at any time. You can find samples of our music, meditations, and theories on the following platforms:

Youtube (Channel: Black Dream Escape): Consistent, meditative content that provides you with lullabies, rest tips, and our personal rest testimonies.

Instagram and Facebook (Tags: Black Dream Escape): Daily affirmations and reminders to help you rest.

Rest Tips

Did you know? We have a bi-weekly newsletter through our Rest Tips List. The newsletter is a low-entertainment, contemplative love letter to you and your rest. To sign up, click the Rest Tips Sign Up button and choose apply to join.