What We Do

Black Dream Escape (BDE) is a radical therapeutic practice that centers Black and Indigenous rest as a primary component of holistic mental health. We provide intentional rest opportunities through both communal and individual rest services.


Black Rest Therapy Workshops:

We offer workshops focusing on Black Rest for therapy groups and organizations. These workshops include information of the Senses of Rest, building rest routines, and customized topics based on request.

Rest/Sleep Counsulation:

We provided 1:1 rest sessions to guide you through incorporating rest or quality sleep in your daily life. Rest consultation includes a rest assessment, an individualized plan and affirmation list, focused on your rest needs, and therapeutic rest guidance, based on your rest assessment results.

Lullaby Sessions:

Black Dream Escape offers lullaby sessions for groups, events, gatherings, or celebrations. The programming will be based on your needs and vision.

Black and Indigenous Only Conference Spaces:

We create and deliver intentional rest space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ at conferences and workshops. All too often, BIPOC and Queer people show up at conferences which are for an “everybody” defined by White heretronormative partiarchal values, methodologies and systems. The spaces we create at these events provide relief and ease the burden placed on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people to “educate” “enlighten” or donate emotional labor.

Pre-Recorded Digital Rest Sessions

Our YouTube channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There, you will find full length rest sessions, ThoughtPathways interviews and discussions, and our Covid Care mini-rest sessions. Our Covid Care rest sessions were designed to be a comforting and relaxing companion to listen or watch as you push back against the unrest of the the world. Please consider subscribing to our channel. Through July, thanks to Office Of Public Art - Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, we post new videos every Wednesday through July 2020. We will return to posting full length rest sessions twice a month after quarantine.


BlackSpace is a home for Black and Indigenous wholeness. (Black / Indigenous, obviously, includes Queer.) It is the kind of home we believe everyone should have. A place to come for joy and sorrow. A place to unconditionally be ourselves. A place of healing. A place of hope. A dreaming place.

Onika Reigns and Windafire serve as the resident artists for BlackSpace. Historically, when Black and Indigenous folks addressed mental health problems, we went to someone’s home and would be welcomed as a guest. We restore this practice by modelling healing as a home-based activity.

We are currently in the process of establishing BlackSpace’s outdoor communal space, healing garden, and communal spaces.

BlackSpace is located in the Homewood neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh.

Rest Aids

Designed by us for you, Black Dream Escape offers pillows, comfy blankets, rest tool pouches and other items for you to use in your developing rest practice.

These products are offered with the intention of assisting you with bringing images and products designed by Black creatives into your home. The energy is everything.

Black Dream Escape, and our home at BlackSpace, is a community supported space. We never charge for our community rest sessions or wholeness events at BlackSpace. We rely on the support of our community.