Bridging The Social Distance Videos

Anti-Blackness In the Wellness Movements

Shakeema Smalls, a mental health professional in South Carolina, talks about prioritizing blackness in wellness/therapeutic spaces, along with acknowledging intuitive/ancestral healing gifts.

Ancestral Dreams & Rest

In this session, Onika and Terrel discuss sleep hygiene, personal ritual andand navigating your dreams responsibly.

Building a Black & Indigenous Rest Practice

Joy, a healer, miracle worker, mother, and many other shines, talks with Onika about the elements of a Black and Indigenous rest practice.

Black, Rested & Political

Wisdom and laughter with poet, herbalist and acupuncturist, Toni Asante Lightfoot talks with Windafire about being Black, rested and political.

Resting The Holder Of Memories

Dr Maria Hamilton Abegunde and Windafire talk about everything from poetry, to memory keeping, to the Orisa.

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